an urban farmhouse brewery 

About us

1840 was the first year that a commercial brewery started in Milwaukee.  We chose 1840 as our name, because we wanted to pay homage to Milwaukee's rich brewing heritage, our family's brewing history, and the rustic brewing techniques we use.  From our family to yours, cheers!

Our Process

We source wort (unfermented beer) from several local brewers.  Using our recipies, our partner brewers make wort that meets our strict standards.  We then transfer the wort to our facility where the fermentation process begins.  After extended aging in oak, our beers are blended and bottle conditioned. Our beers are ready to be enjoyed immediately although they are designed to age gracefully for years.

Our "clean" beers (fermented without wild yeast or bacteria) are also produced in this method. The only difference being they spend their time fermenting in our stainless steel tanks and are best consumed fresh.

For information on our monthly beer releases, please visit our Contact Page .

Local First

We use local ingredients and work with local companies whenever possible.  From sourcing Wisconsin grown hops, to using native Wisconsin yeast, to brewing with grains malted in Wisconsin, we work hard to make sure the distance from "grain to glass" is as short as possible. We also employ that mindset when it comes to picking the companies we work with.  In fact, our architect , marketing team , and  tank manufacturer ,   are all Milwaukee or Wisconsin companies.

The most important local ingredient is you!  We love making creative yeast driven beer, and we do it for you!  If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to  contact us!